Opening 2017
@ 1224 Central Avenue Middletown, Ohio.


Picture courtesy George Crout Collection

About Us

Just two people that had a really big idea about rescuing an old historic building, breathing some life into its dusty old bones, and delivering a unique destination to the burgeoning Canal District in Middletown.

Once our vision is complete we’ll have a total of four venues, all uniquely different, in a single location with room to expand if we choose to do so.

Below is a bit of our story and we’ll be happy to tell you the rest once you get here 😉

About the building

The former FOE building located at 1224 Central Avenue was originally built in 1910. Over the years it’s been everything from a private club, movie theater, retail location and even a music studio. As most buildings from that era it has suffered some wear and tear over the last century. We stepped through the door in 2015 on a tour of the property and immediately fell in love. We could see the possibility and real potential with what we thought was going to be a bit of muscle and elbow grease. BOY WERE WE WRONG!!!

In the Beginning

We chose the building for our new venture and early in 2015 we began demolition and rehab of the venue. Let me interject at this point that myself, nor my partner, at any point in time had redevelopment of a 100 year old building as part of our bucketlist. It just seems to have happened that way. In fact, during the initial demo phase we would have an occasional chuckle (and a few beers) at the prospect of exactly what we had gotten ourselves into. It has been an interesting journey and as we began to see the progress being made it was, on occasion, invigorating.

The Bones

Stripping the plaster we exposed brick that was more than likely laid in 1909. It was the first time that it had seen the sun in more than a century. We painstakingly removed layers of old flooring to expose the original wood and we were the first to walk on it in generations. Exposing the original ceiling unveiled the hand-hewn wooden beams and their majestic history. Each swing of the hammer, or tug of the pry bar, delivered new details previously lost to the ages. We learned that it was truly a gem and the keeper of secrets from a past so very long ago.

New and Old

It was important to us to honor the history of the building but we felt that combining the past with the present was going to be an amazing twist. What you’ll see when you enter Central Tap & Pint is a beautiful melding of the ages embracing the nuance and ambiance of the storied venue. The bartop features historical photos of people and places that we’re all familiar with. There’s a map of the original Erie Canal as well as old menus, notes, receipts and even a few mugshots :) All of these things are important pieces of our historical puzzle. The state of the art LED lighting system produces a living wall that slowly changes color throughout the night. It’s a brand new technology that is indeed something straight out of the future and it stares across the room at a wall that’s more than a century old. As we continue work on the other venues we’ll continue to combine the past and the present in neat and inventive ways.

But enough about us. Come see for yourself, have a beer, kick back and enjoy a bit of history while you sip your beverage. Shoot a game of pool or stop by to catch the game on our 50″ big screen LED TV’s and enjoy a New York-style slice of pizza while you’re there. We’ve worked really hard to bring you something very special. Just a regular place for regular people :) We hope to see you soon.

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Picture courtesy George Crout Collection | Midpointe Public Library

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