Opening 2017
@ 1224 Central Avenue Middletown, Ohio.




I was cleaning today, installing light bulbs and listening to a little Depeche Mode and Talking Heads. I was alone and to be honest absolutely digging it. I was thinking about the original vision, the first day that I stepped into that dilapidated old haunt, the feeling of actually finding something perfect. I knew that…

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The waiting is the hardest part


Granted it’s a big vision but dayam brothers and sisters. Every journey has it’s ups and downs I suppose but this is almost unbearable. No gory details or pictures of open flesh wounds! Simply continuing to work to bring this dream into reality. For the mothers out there I would liken it to the third…

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Thank you Midpointe Library


We want to say a very special thank you to Middletown’s MidPointe Library System for pointing us in the right direction for photos from existing historical archives for our bartop. Over the last few weeks we have been pouring over the vast collection and grabbing amazing photos to display. If you’ve got a moment swing…

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Hang on there Manning


Superbowl 50 is over and done and for some it was a let down, others an affirmation. While we weren’t that impressed with either the game nor the halftime show there was indeed something peculiar about Manning’s closing thoughts. We understand Anheuser-Busch spent a great deal of money on both the game and its advertisements…

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That’s some big bathrooms

Picture courtesy George Crout Collection

The framers have wrapped up at Central Tap & Pint and standing in the new frame of the venue left us with one thing to say- “man those are some big bathrooms”. Designed to accommodate up to 200 it would seem a bit of overkill but in reality they are just perfect for our venues.…

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