Opening 2017
@ 1224 Central Avenue Middletown, Ohio.

The waiting is the hardest part

playful-kitten-6683Granted it’s a big vision but dayam brothers and sisters. Every journey has it’s ups and downs I suppose but this is almost unbearable. No gory details or pictures of open flesh wounds! Simply continuing to work to bring this dream into reality. For the mothers out there I would liken it to the third time the nurse says “take a deep breath and puuuuush” then begins counting back from twenty. For the fathers I liken it to watching your child strike out in T-Ball.

They say that each journey begins with a single step and we have made this our mantra. With that being said, I would assume that a stagger is a step as well right? Maybe two steps if the timing is right :)

Yup we continue to smile and move forward and though the obstacles become a bit tougher as we approach the finish line we want you to know that we’re still running, or staggering, with an occasional cartwheel for entertainment purposes only.

We are coming brothers and sisters and once we arrive things will never be the same and that’s a promise.

Oh, I almost forgot that we’ve added a picture of a kitten to help alleviate our/your stress. Enjoy the catnip, be the catnip!

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