Opening 2017
@ 1224 Central Avenue Middletown, Ohio.


I was cleaning today, installing light bulbs and listening to a little Depeche Mode and Talking Heads. I was alone and to be honest absolutely digging it. I was thinking about the original vision, the first day that I stepped into that dilapidated old haunt, the feeling of actually finding something perfect. I knew that she was the one :) It’s been two years and more than six figures to bring this dream into reality. But today as I cleaned and jammed I would turn around to see my progress and envision all that this amazing old place is going to become. The birthdays and anniversaries, gatherings of family and friends. THE PARTIES :) All memories to be shared and revisited throughout this precious existence. This is going to be special and I promise you well worth the wait. She’s like an old ship set forth onto the sea for the first time in a generation. Majestic and perfect :) I am proud and honored, filled with excitement and expectation. I am looking forward to our moments and our future. A toast to survival and commitment, to friends and family, a toast to dreams and memories. LET’S DO THIS :)

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